Our Warfare;
The Environment

We are a movement of Environmental Warriors by Passion! With no educational background on environmental science and topics around the same, we have made it our duty to learn and educate ourselves on climate change issues, educate others and contribute to solutions. We are spicy! we are warriors! we fight to conserve the environment.

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We are committed and dedicated towards environmental conservation and preservation

With unwavering passion, we strive to protect and restore our natural ecosystems, safeguard biodiversity, and mitigate the impacts of climate change. Through collaborative efforts and impactful initiatives, we aim to create a sustainable future for generations to come. Join us in our mission to preserve the beauty and integrity of our planet.

About Us

We have tree nurseries across the country to enable a sufficient supply of seedlings

Order your indigeneous, fruit or any other tree seedling from our partners located across the country. The seedlings are tested and reliable to grow in your location. By doing this, you are a Spice warrior.

We are growing a tree for every child in School

Tree a Child Initiative

“A Tree A Child” campaign is a replica of our previous campaign “SpiceWarriors Schools Tree Orchards” which was launched on 27th August 2022 in 4 counties i.e Narok, Kajiado, Nakuru and Nandi and was a 3 month program. We decided to rebrand it to a name that could easily stick in people’s minds while continuing with the same activity. The initiative/campaign majorly deals and advocates for fruits and indigenous tree growing. The campaign was rebranded to “A Tree A Child” in 2023 and was first launched in Tanzania by our Organization’s branch in Tanzania through our Country coordinators in partnership with “Call for Environment Conservation Organization”

Our teams are also involved in environmental conservation education in the media, both Tv and radio.

We have testimonies, and quotable quotes



Jada Neema

Spice Warrior Kids

Spice Warrior has given us an opportunity and platform to take part in making our environment clean.

Donald Agwenge

Homa Bay

I admire the passion of this team and their dedication towards conservation and preservation of our environment. I was happy that your team visited my home county and planted trees and empowered many young environment warriors to keep the good work. Proud of you, Anita and team.