SpiceWarriors is an Organisation by Anita Soina as the Chief Warrior under the mentorship of Erick Matsanza, the founder of Spice Without Borders. SpiceWarriors majorly advocates for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a bias on Environment Protection.The Chief Warrior, Anita Soina, is passionate about social change with a strong inclination to environmental conservation. She is determined to create a movement of environmental warriors whose swords are directed towards environmental protection and conservation. 


To nurture young leaders who will advocate for environmental sustainability and come up with solutions that seek to protect the environment, mentor young learners to care about the environment with the aim of eradicating poverty in our communities.

To create a movement of environmental warriors all over the world who will fight for environmental sustainability.

To empower a new generation of leaders, who will be part of the movement of environmental warriors, with knowledge on environmental issues so that they can care about nature and make the society a better place for everyone to live in.